Pirimiphos Methyl 90% TC, 50% EC and 30% CS
Target Crop:Flies, mosquito and warehouse insects
Dosage:A.I 2gram/square meter (room), A.I 300gram/ha. (yard)
  • Pirimiphos-methyl is a post-harvest insecticide used on stored corn and sorghum grain and seed, incorporated into cattle ear tags, and used for the fogging treatment of iris bulbs.
  •  It is used to control various insects such as mealy bugs and mites (on iris bulbs), horn and face flies (on cattle), and cigarette beetle, confused flour beetle; corn sap beetle; flat grain beetle; hairy fungus beetle; red flour beetle; sawtoothed beetle, granary weevil, maize weevil, merchant grain beetle, rice weevil, lesser grain borer, and angoumois grain moth, Indian Meal moth and almond moth (on corn and sorghum grain and seed).
  • It also can applied to control the Public health insects such as Flies , Mosquito and cockroach.
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